Sunday Volunteer Assignments

These are the Current Assignments, updated as of January 1st, 2014. If you have any questions or want to change an assignment, find your own replacement, and then please contactlEric in the office.  You can reach this page from the “Events” menu or the “Church Life” menu.  There is also a link to it down in the lower right corner of every page.

NotesLiturgistGreetersRefreshmentsCommunion servers
January 5, 2014CommunionJim GirardLynn GrantMary DowlingSet-Up: Hilary Spaulding Servers: Julie Dowling, Mary Dowling,Lynn Grant
January 12, 2014Lynn GrantBarbara and Alan MillerLucinda RayN.A. (No Communion)
January 19, 2014Birthday SundayLouis FrostJean NadellJackie DemaN.A. (No Communion)
January 26, 2014Jim GirardNancy MahlNo RefreshmentsN.A. (No Communion)
February 2, 2014CommunionRichard WalkerAssignedHilary SpauldingSet-up: Hilary Spaulding Servers: Louis Frost, Julie Dowling, Jim Girard
February 9, 2014Louis FrostMary DowlingNancy MahlN.A. (No Communion)
February 16, 2014Birthday SundayCaryl HodgesJackie DemaCathi FullerN.A. (No Communion)
February 23, 2014David KnopfSher RipleyLucinda RayN.A. (No Communion)
March 2, 2014CommunionRichard WalkerAssignedBarbara and Alan MillerSet-up: Hilary Spaulding
Servers: Lynn Grant, Mary Dowling, Jim Girard
March 9, 2014David KnopfLynn GrantSue SpoffordN.A. (No Communion)
March 16, 2014Birthday SundayLouis FrostJean NadellHilary SpauldingN.A. (No Communion)
March 23, 2014David KnopfLynn GrantCathi FullerN.A. (No Communion)
March 30, 2014Jim GirardMary DowlingPatty Trosclair
April 6, 2014CommunionRichard WalkerNancy MahlJudy GirardSet-up: Hilary Spaulding
Servers: Lynn Grant, Louis Frost, Julie Dowling
April 13, 2014Lynn GrantJean NadellSue SpoffordN.A. (No Communion)
April 20, 2014Easter SundayLucinda RaySher RipleyJackie Dema, Judy Girard, and Marta GirardN.A. (No Communion)
April 27, 2014Jim GirardBarbara and Alan MillerJackie DemaN.A. (No Communion)