Movie Night at FCCSR

Each month a bunch of us get together to watch a movie.  Our preference is for small films that didn’t attract a lot of box-office attention but have something to say about the human condition. That said, over the years we’ve watched movies of every type (except flying-body-parts action flicks.)    We usually meet on the last Friday of the month in the DeHaan Center at Pilgrim Park, which is equipped with a high definition big screen, comfortable easy chairs, fresh coffee and a microwave for the all-important free popcorn.

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Here’s what’s coming up in the months ahead

  • No movie night in December
  • January 23 “The Birdcage” Just 3 months ago, we altered our regular movie night schedule to honor Robin Williams after his untimely death. Now Mike Nichols, arguably the best director of our generation, has passed away. It’s worth remembering that, among his many talents, Nichols had a world-class instinct for comedy. So, we’ll honor both Nichols and Williams in January by watching the the only film they did together.
  • February 27 “The Grand Budapest Hotel”  is writer/Director Wes Anderson’s seriocomic tribute to the old Grand Hotels of Europe and to the way of life that was destroyed by the outbreak of WWII. Ralph Fiennes leads a truly all-star cast as the legendary concierge of a legendary hotel facing the barbarians at the gates.
  • March 27 “The Attack”  This 2012 film from Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri forces us to confront our convenient stereotypes about the players in the middle east. A secular Palestinian surgeon is living a successful, assimilated life in Tel Aviv when he learns that his wife may have been the suicide bomber in a terrorist attack. His quest to find out what happened and why make for gripping, challenging viewing.

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