Movie Night at FCCSR

Each month a bunch of us get together to watch a movie.  Our preference is for small films that didn’t attract a lot of box-office attention but have something to say about the human condition. That said, over the years we’ve watched movies of every type (except flying-body-parts action flicks.)    We usually meet on the last Friday of the month in the DeHaan Center at Pilgrim Park, which is equipped with a high definition big screen, comfortable easy chairs, fresh coffee and a microwave for the all-important free popcorn.

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Here’s what’s coming up in the months ahead

  • August 22  “Adam.”  Here’s a romantic comedy with a difference. Adam is a bright young man  with Asperger’s, a form of autism that makes it very hard for him to understand subtle communication and human relationships. Beth is a school teacher suffering from a string of rotten boyfriends and an over-protective father. The story of their slowly-blooming romance is so sensitively told and realistic that “Adam” won awards from several autism-support organizations.
  • October 3   (note late date) “In a Better World” Danish director Susanne Bier is one of the most provacative film-makers workiing today. This 2010 was nominated for the Best Foreign-language Film Oscar.  It is a profound exploration of how we, in the supposedly “enlightened” part of the world  deal with the ancient issues of violence and revenge.
  • October 24  “Game Change” Here’s our Election Day Special!  This 2013 HBO drama tells the more or less true story of John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2013, and Julianne Moore’s nuanced, award-winning  portrayal of Palin is a wonder. However, the film’s lasting value is its insiders view of the pressure-cooker intensity of a modern campaign and the way that can cloud good people’s judgement. Ed Harris plays McCain, and Woody Harrelson stars as his campaign manager Steve Schmidt.
  • November 21 “The Grand Budapest Hotel”  Writer/Director Wes Anderson’s serio-comic tribute to the old Grand Hotels of Europe and to the way of life that was destroyed by the outbreak of WWII. Ralph Feinnes leads a truly all-star cast as the legendary concierge of a legendary hotel facing the barbarians at the gates.

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