"If we aren't doing big, meaningful things for our fellow man, everything we say in church is just talk."

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First Congregational Church of San Rafael has a long tradition of being strongly oriented toward outreach and benevolence. In recent years we have consistently been ranked as one of the most “giving” churches for our size in our denomination.

Pilgrim Park

This tradition dates to at least the early 1970s, when we built Pilgrim Park, an innovative low-income housing project on land adjacent to the Church.

We continued to dream big about benevolence in 1999, when we started Every Dollar Feeds Kids, (EDFK) a zero-cost non-profit that now raises approximately $50,000 a year to feed hungry kids in Mexico.

More recently, FCC was a founding member of the Marin Organizing Committee, a broad-based effort to apply community organizing princples to persistant social justice issues in Marin.

In addition to these hands-on activities, we actively support a number of outreach efforts through our Mission Budget.  You can read more about them under the specific items in this OUTREACH menu.

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The Basics