Marin/San Francisco Food Bank

Despite the apparent affluence of Marin County and San Francisco, one in five residents faces the threat of hunger each day.  Only 17 percent of those receiving food through the Food Bank network are homeless. Children, seniors, unemployed and low-wage workers make up the majority of those struggling with hunger.  High unemployment, a tough economy and the rising cost of living have pushed record numbers of people to the brink of hunger. Families who have always lived securely in the middle class are now seeking help at the Food Bank’s pantries.

This year the combine Marin and San FRancisco Food Banks will distribute over 45 million pounds of food – enough for 100,000 meals each day.

The members of FCCSR work year-round to support this effort three ways: First, we collect food contributions for the bank at every Sunday worship service, with particular emphasis on Communion Sundays (the first Sunday of each month.)  In a typical year we collect between 1,200 and 1,400 pounds of food, which usually ranks us among the highest contributors on a per-member basis.

Second, we make a yearly financial contribution from our Mission Budget to help the Food Bank with its operating expenses.  Third, FCCSR members donate their time volunteering at the Food Bank, which counts on an army of over 25,000 volunteers to sort and re-pack food year round.

This year, we expended or relationship by establishing a weekly “market” of Food Bank groceries in the community center at Pilgrim Park.


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The Basics