“It’s hard for rich people to enter the kingdom because it's so hard to let go and let God be your guide. So we [the poor] are really the blessed ones. God has already seen to it that we let go.”

A Cuernavaca mother, quoted by Patty Coleman

Every Dollar Feeds Kids

In 1999, we started Every Dollar Feeds KidsTM (EDFK) to provide meals to impoverished children in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Since its founding, EDFK has sent over $200,000 to Mexico and has recruited several partner churches. In fact, the response to EDFK has been so great that we recently incorporated EDFK as a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit to facilitate fund-raising with foundations and corporate matching programs.

Our partner in Mexico is Vamos! a volunteer organization that has grown to manage 81 different programs to feed, educate and empower the poorest of the poor.

Both EDFK and Vamos! operate on the principle embodied in our name: All fund-raising and administrative expenses are paid from the supporting Churches’ outreach budgets, so that 100% of every dollar contributed goes to food. To learn more, visit the EDFK Website.

In 2006, Patty Coleman, co-founder of Vamos! visited San Rafael for a joyous party and fund-raiser. Click here to see pictures from that event.

When Rev Julianne Stokstad was called as our pastor in 2005, one of the first things she did was travel to Cuernavaca to meet the people of VAMOS! and see first-hand the impact of EDFK on the lives of the kids.


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