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All-Family Retreat

Join us again for our all-Family retreat. ┬áThe theme this year will be “Love is . . . ” There will be crafts, outdoor activities for everyone, singing around the campfire, great (!) food, worship Al Fresco, and, of course, the all-important chocolate cake. Be there to welcome Pastor Tracy [...]

Movie Night “Mrs. Doubtfire”

For our September movie night (note the delayed date,) we’ll pause to remember Robin Williams, whose untimely death was a terrible loss. “Mrs. Doubtfire” was one of of his most-loved performances, encompassing both sides of his unique talent: the wild improvisational comic genius and the warm, gentle “serious” actor who [...]

Movie Night “Game Change”

Election day is just around the corner, so here’s our candidate for the most enjoyable, and provocative, political drama of the past few years. “Game Change” ┬átells the story of the McCain campaign’s choice of Sarah Palin as their nominee for Vice President in 2008 . . . . the [...]

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